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Our value proposition

It's our mission to be a trusted partner for assessing, analyzing and implementing digital transformation strategies, transformation and optimization projects. We offer intelligent document capture (OCR) and classification solutions, document output management solutions, customer communications management solutions, record & archiving solutions and data analysis solutions.

Intelligent document capture (OCR) and classification solutions

Capturing and classifying all types of documents using best in class solutions and state-of-art technology to secure data quality and improve your business processes.

Document output management solutions

Allowing any type of organization to design, generate and distribute high quality documents in any output format, using omnichannel delivery to improve customer experience.

Customer communications management solutions

Enabling companies to accelerate digital adoption by improving outbound communications with their distributors, partners, regulatory bodies and customers.

Advanced document management and records management

Leveraging content to connect people, businesses and processes to enhance productivity, improve governance and digital transformation.

Data Integration & Exchange Solutions

Exchange, transform and integrate data in the most optimal way. interconnect each and every application in the world with each other to share and manipulate its data without a single line of code. It is an easy to use, user-friendly and highly customizable service, which uses an intuitive user interface for you to design your unique workflows very fast and has great extensibility.

Process Intelligence Solutions

ABBYY Timeline is a process intelligence platform that allows businesses to use the information contained within their systems to create a visual model of their processes, analyze them in real time to identify bottlenecks, and predict future outcomes to facilitate decision-making of technology investments.

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Our Services

We guide our customers thru the digital transformation process of their business. We provide a variety of professional services including consulting, project management and support to our clients that generate gains in productivity, quality and efficiency.

Business & advisory consulting services

By sharing best- practices and industry experience we increase productivity, reduce risk and optimize business processes. We report our findings and detail them by providing you with a business case, business analysis, functional and/or technical analysis depending on the requirements of your unique project.

Implementation & integration services

We have a dedicated team of experienced consultants that can perform installation, setups and configuration of technology components, as well as system integration, testing, training and handover to our customers for successful usage and adoption.

Project management services

As project management experts we support several project management methodologies including Waterfall, Agile, Scrum or a hybrid approach. Each of these methodologies have its own strengths and weaknesses, but we are committed to manage budget, timeline, complexity and expectations.

Development & support services

We provide a wide range of services that help our customer go thru the different stages of a development process including analyzing the problem, gathering requirements, planning, coding and testing of the software, deployment, maintenance and bug fixing.
We guarantee a tight follow-up of the questions and/or issues you report to us. On request we can also work out specific service level agreements.

Our solutions

Intelligent Capture & Classification
The latest FlexiCapture platform raises the bar on solutions‚and performance and time-to-value by leveraging machine learning to accelerate deployments and ensuring the highest level of accuracy. Automatically classify, extract, validate and direct business critical data, whether it‚Äö√Ñ√¥s from incoming customer communications and operational processes, such as invoices, supporting documents, tax forms, onboarding documents, correspondence, claims, or orders. The innovative enterprise platform redefines the data capture and processing landscape by simplifying the long-standing complexity associated with enterprise capture software.
The new auto-learning capabilities help accelerate your time to production and significantly reduce ongoing system support and maintenance costs. The technology helps users to train the system to process flexible or irregular document layouts while the administrator retains full control to edit, fine-tune or discard auto-learning results. The system continuously learns and improves based on feedback from users leveraging ABBYY advanced machine learning and Natural Language Processing.
Inbound communication can be classified by form and content to optimize your organization‚and information-driven processes. Classification technology detects every incoming document type, including images, by using deep learning Convolutional Neural Networks and sorts documents by appearance or pattern; and text classification which relies on statistical and semantic text analysis. ABBYY FlexiCapture allows users to use any of these technologies separately or to take advantage of both simultaneously to deliver faster response times and prompt decision making.
FlexiCapture can be scaled both vertically and horizontally when deployed to support both high volume and fast document processing scenarios. Whether you need to process more than 3 million documents per day or 2,000 pages per minute, the architecture of FlexiCapture can grow to meet your processing requirements. You can control multi-server installations, distributed infrastructure, and operators via centralized configuration and management.
Pre-define document sets for specific processes, transactions or use cases such as mortgage, insurance or finance applications, with the new Case Management feature. Automatically check multiple insurance or mortgage case files for document completeness and compliance through pre-defined case rules.
By using sophisticated document analysis, FlexiCapture is able to detect the exact type of paper or digital documents (spreadsheets, images, logos, etc.) and different areas within a document, even when text appears unreadable. Word, Excel, PDF, email bodies, scanned images, and other digital documents can be processed in the same flow.
Various confidential data fields within documents can be hidden using different methods during exchange and verification by operators with different access rights. HTTPs provides bidirectional encryption between a user and a server to protect against data interception and tampering attacks.
FlexiCapture Web API and customization scripts enable the development of custom solutions, support specific business scenarios and ensure easy integration into enterprise workflows. Ready out-of-the-box connectors for a growing list RPA, BPM, ECM, ERP and CRM systems meet the requirements for customized business processes, tailored processing stages and routing to boost specific customer tasks.
Tools help you analyze document processing flow, ensure continuity of business process, and optimize and prioritize resources to tune performance and eliminate bottlenecks.
Increase data availability and processing speed using mobile devices and other document sources for data entry. High quality mobile uploads are ensured by image enhancement tools. Confirmation reports notify you when images are uploaded and processed correctly. Build the right mobile experience and capture workflow on your device ensuring the highest level of success and accuracy by leveraging the advanced mobile imaging SDKs of ABBYY.
Multi-channel data entry enables you to process both paper and digital documents coming from multiple sources in a single flow, including MFPs, network scanners, e-mails, FTP, web post or hot folders and mobile devices.
  • Single solution for processing all types of documents
  • Multi-channel input & output
  • Cutting-edge technologies inside
  • Ready for international business
  • Optimized performance and fault tolerance
  • Advanced scalability
  • Fast ROI and low TCO
  • Web-based platform options
Output Mangement

Communicate your message more effectively, in this digital world that's paramount to your business. Build empathy and lead to greater customer loyalty, so why not captivate clients with interesting documents containing tailor-made information?

  • Design custom document templates, brand your document with your corporate identity and have them used consistantly throughout your organization.
  • Seamlessly collects and parses data from anywhere in your business and designs the customer facing document your business requires.
  • Reduces or eliminates print costs by designing and then distributing documents and data electronically in the most appropriate format.
  • Stores and manages your collateral by publishing to web portals, workflow processes or document management systems.

Document can be delivered in formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, XML, Tiff, CSV, EDI or Text. For example, an invoice may contain marketing information depending on the recipient (e.g. special offers relevant to certain types of customer).

Then depending on the customer it will be printed, faxed, emailed or published to a secure web portal. Formate eVo takes data from a host system, from Sage to SAP, typically as a print file (or XML, PDF, CSV, ASCII text) and transforms it into the document you want to send and delivers it by the most appropriate method.

Both more traditional systems as well as modern designed systems can use and integrate with us to produce and deliver documents.

  • Reformatting business documents to improve the design, add customer specific marketing messages, product information or discount coupons (see example image below)
  • Adding multiple forms templates, company logos or terms and conditions to documents
  • Resorting document streams (e.g. into customer order, picking sequence, or perhaps product type)
  • Incorporating OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) into documents to allow auto-folding and stuffing into envelopes
  • Adding 1D or 2D barcodes such as QR or PDF 417
  • Driving thermal transfer label/barcode printers efficiently in their native language (e.g. ZPL)
  • Parsing data streams from one format to another (e.g. take a print stream and convert to XML)
  • Parsing printer specific data streams from one to another (e.g. Kyocera Prescribe to PCL)
  • Delivery of documents via print, email, Fax, SMS text, EDI, FTP, publish to web sites or document delivery portals
  • Publishing ERP documents with meta-data to document management systems or MS SharePoint
  • Create electronic document formats such as PDF, XML, MS Word, MS Excel, CSV, EDI etc.
  • Extracting data from electronic document formats to allow auto import into other systems or processes (e.g. auto extract data from a PDF invoice)
  • Combine data streams from two sources or add missing data by querying a second database (e.g. query a product code to add a product picture)
  • Schedule document processing for certain times or dates (e.g. combine then transmit invoices and statements at month end)

  • Reduce Operational Overheads
  • Improved internal and external communication
  • Streamline Operations
  • Extensive integration options
  • Increase process transparency and improve internal controls
Communication Management

Centralise DMS with the availability of an collaborative document portal which connects information to employees, wherever their location in the world

Features include

  • Document capture
  • Document generation and distribution
  • Compliance and records management
  • Quality control and versioning
  • Powerful search and retrieval functions

  • Eliminating the need for repeatable tasks
  • Focusing on value-added activities and the things that really matter

Leveraging modern technology capabilities for gathering up-to-date information

  • Reformatting business documents to improve the design, add customer specific marketing messages, product information or discount coupons (see example image below)
  • Adding multiple forms templates, company logos or terms and conditions to documents
  • Resorting document streams (e.g. into customer order, picking sequence, or perhaps product type)
  • Adding 1D or 2D barcodes such as QR or PDF 417
  • Delivery of documents via print, email, Fax, SMS text, EDI, FTP, publish to web sites or document delivery portals
  • Publishing ERP documents with meta-data to document management systems or MS SharePoint
  • Create electronic document formats such as PDF, XML, MS Word, MS Excel, CSV, EDI etc.
  • Offering better customer experience thru automation and digitalization
  • Improving service level, value proposition and strengthening customer relationship
  • Empowering people for better informed decision making
  • Increasing productivity and reducing operational costs
Document & Record management

  • Managing day-to-day capture, storage, modification and knowledge sharing
  • Powerful search and retrieval functions
  • Archiving and indexing

  • Automation of document approvals, reviews, routing of documents and many other business processes
  • Creating workflow scenarios to streamline business processes

  • Applying versioning to control document revisions
  • Eliminating islands of information
  • Controlling what employees can see and manipulate

  • Supporting DoD 5015.2 STD, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), ISO Document Control, HIPAA, SEC compliant Record Management, Data Protection & GDPR
  • preserving records throughout their complete life cycle (historical content)
  • managing disposal of documents
  • establishing records inventory
  • applying required retention periods to stored items
  • Improving general work process and organizational efficiency
  • Improving communication and service between employees, customers and partners
  • Improving tracking and auditing of business processes and document handling
  • Streamlining common business processes for consistent operations
  • Improving compliance by implementing standards and procedures
  • Avoiding penalties when regulators, auditors and other governing bodies

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Our Flavors

We offer solutions in the a managed services / cloud environment or on premise.

Public Cloud

  • Shared cloud infrastructure
  • Our infrastructure
  • Our own Staff

Private Cloud

  • Private cloud
  • Our infrastructure
  • Our own Staff

On Premise

  • In house/ onsite
  • Your infrastructure
  • Your own staff

We offers many different variations on our products & services. We're not limited to one design or one blueprint, we have every possibility available to offer you a tailored made solution.

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Getting to know Automatize

We're fans of a pragmatic value driven approach which ensures our customers get the best every time. We use holistic decision making in our projects to ensure minimal inconvenience and reduce big-bang impact. We can work as a remote entity for you, on call or planned or we can work in a dedicated team onsite, all days of the week. Our focus is on delivering you our added value!

Core values


We think on our feet, we manage curveballs and changes with a down to earth approach.

Quality of Service

We're all in for quality, and longevity of our solutions. Tomorrow is another day and while things change, our solutions evolve with these changes.


We respect past judgements, concepts and ideas. While change is good, we always consider the current winning teams and we don't perform a change if we don't need to.

Teamwork & customer commitment

We're on your team, you're on our team, there's no difference to us. We're committed to your project from day one.

How we make the difference for you


We're flexible, we do agile and scrum and always bring our no-nonsense & "let's do this" mentality.


We develop our own solutions based on our analysis - we don't do copy-paste and go - we adapt our solutions to your company's needs.


We never keep a customer stranded, you always have a backup with us. We don't stop before you are served a solution that works.

Business oriented

We're technical people with a business centric mindset to be facilitators to your business.


We think to the future, knowing the past so we always incorporate the lessons learned and think about what the future steps for your company.


We challenge you, and we love to be challenged. WE do this to ensure the best possible result.

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